About Me

I’m Ray.

At age 35, I’ve changed careers more times than most people will in a lifetime.

Some of the more interesting include: apprentice mechanic at a really cool motorcycle shop, designer & builder of commercial marine aquariums, manager at a health & fitness club (and a restaurant, come to think of it) and of course, software developer. The list goes on.

Ray Viljoen Coffee Shop

I love change and I’m always up for ditching the old and starting from scratch. This approach has turned me into a bit of a serial learner, and I now work as a remote developer for a UK-based software company, whilst living in a small coastal town in sunny South Africa. – Exactly as I envisioned it years ago.

I’ve always enjoyed showing people how to do stuff, whether that be teaching the local cub-scouts to build JavaScript robots, or simply showing my mom how to read the tube map.

In 2015 the idea of being able to help people learn new skills, coupled with a new-found interest in video production, got me very interested in the idea of producing my own online courses.

I had a ton of self-taught skills, a genuine love for programming and I knew how to learn – quick!

I published my first course a few months later and slowly but surely the positive feedback started coming in.

I was hooked!

Online courses not only allowed me to teach and learn, but my content was bringing genuine value to people all around the world – and so Stackacademy.tv was born.

Stackacademy.tv is more than a website with a few courses, it’s where I want to help you learn something of value in the most concise and enjoyable format possible.

I’m constantly working on better ways to deliver my content and specifically design my courses to be more than verbose tutorials, but rather re-usable nuggets with a clear beginning, middle and end.

Please feel free to contact me anytime with questions, suggestions or just to say Hello.

Always here to help.
Ray Viljoen