Getting started with WebAssembly & Emscripten:

A complete guide for learning the WebAssembly JavaScript API and Emscripten toolset.

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What students have say about this course:

Course Overview

Learn to create and use WebAssembly Modules from scratch using Emscripten.

Bring your skills up to date with the very latest technology in Web Development.

This course is suitable for both beginners and experienced developers looking to get started with WebAssembly.

WebAssembly scripting Screenshot

An invaluable skill for any developer looking to future-proof their skills

WebAssembly is the most promising new technology for the web, allowing browsers, and other JavaScript environments, to run blazing-fast raw binary modules, compiled directly from C, C++ and many other languages.

Understanding WebAssembly is an invaluable skill for anyone working with JavaScript or compiled languages, allowing you to bridge the gap between native software development and web-based JavaScript.

This course will provide a very practical and concise approach to learning WebAssembly & Emscripten, and will give you a solid base to immediately start creating and implementing fast, optimised WebAssembly modules.

Course Content:

This course aims to teach a solid foundational understanding of what WebAssembly is, and why it’s so powerful.

Section one starts with an overview of WebAssembly and a detailed setup lesson to help you follow along every step of the way.

Section two covers the native JavaScript browser API for loading and running WebAssembly modules. This section also includes importing and exporting functions to and from a WebAssembly module, and shows how to access WebAssembly memory.

The third and most substantial part of the course, covers Emscripten in-depth. Teaching everything from installing Emscripten on either Mac, Windows or Linux, compiling C code from scratch and the general Module runtime cycle.

This Emscripten section also teaches some more advanced features of Emscripten, including calling JavaScript from a WebAssembly module and vice-versa.

WebAssembly project Screenshot

The final section of the course is a practical 4-part lesson, teaching how to implement a fully animated HTML5 Canvas project using WebAssembly as the main processor.

Upon completion of this course you will have the practical skills to immediately start creating high performance WebAssembly modules.

This course is to the point and everything is demonstrated in the most simple, yet practical ways.

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