Yarn Dependency Management: The Complete Guide

Learn to use Yarn for project Dependency Management or Distribute your own packages via the NPM registry.

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What students have say about this course:

Course Overview

Learn modern dependency management with Yarn.

Gain all the skills needed to manage, migrate and publish your own JavaScript packages or projects.

This course is suitable for ANY developer wanting to learn Yarn or gain expert knowledge in managing and publishing JavaScript packages.

Yarn upgrade Screenshot An invaluable skill for any JavaScript Developer looking to improve coding skills and expand career opportunities.

Yarn is an extremely popular and relatively new dependency/package manager for JavaScript projects that solves common issues with dependency management. The project was released by Facebook and is maintained by a group of top JavaScript developers with clear goals for the future of Yarn.

This course will teach you every aspect of the Yarn command line API and related concepts.

You will be able to start using Yarn in you projects immediately. You will also learn to publish and maintain your own JavaScript modules/packages.

Course Content:

With 20 concise and practical lectures, this course will provide a COMPLETE understanding of Yarn and Dependency Management as a whole.

Yarn semantic versioning Screenshot

The course starts with a short introduction and overview of Yarn and also the development environment used in lessons.

The main body of the course then covers the 3 individual sections of the Yarn Command Line API and some supplemental lessons in-between.

These 3 sections include:

  1. Foundational Yarn Commands and Concepts
  2. Advanced Commands and Features
  3. Publishing JavaScript Packages/Modules to the NPM registry

Upon completion of this course you will have the practical skills to immediately start implementing Yarn as your primary dependency manager and also publish your very own projects to the NPM package registry.

This course is to the point and everything is demonstrated in the most simple, yet practical ways, to help you become an expert at Yarn and JavaScript dependency management.

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